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DSV Locker – a South African success story

In 2014, DSV South Africa recognized that the future of e-commerce fulfillment would need to see their operations expand from traditional B2B deliveries to better accommodate B2C requirements, and the associated challenge of last mile delivery to consumers.

Starting with a pilot network of 15 SMArt Lockers, DSV has grown their locker network to over 400 locker locations in the last 5 years – revolutionizing their e-commerce delivery business in the process.

Hear from Brett Sauerman, General Manager, E-Fulfilment for DSV, talk about their journey and learn how TZ helped DSV build their locker network, from upgrading their original network with the latest hardware and software technology, to the on-going supply of new locker systems and the deployment of an enterprise fully managed software platform.


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TZ SMArt Lockers deliver a wholly integrated shopping experience to help bridge the gap between online and in-store shopping. Using innovative technology solutions to expand delivery options, large retailers can tailor the ultimate personalized service for customers, while improving their bottom line.