TZ SMArt Lockers have brought many benefits to Fairfield University in Connecticut, USA, helping them drive a range of efficiencies for package management on campus.

Speaking with faculty and students highlights the positive impact the SMArt Locker solution has had – the convenience of 24/7 collection; the end to long student queues; and the increased efficiency and reduced demands on mail room resources. In fact, the benefits the system has brought to campus were above and beyond the expectation of Fairfield University administrators, especially throughout the pandemic.

TZ are proud to have delivered another SMArt solution, helping reduce overheads and save valuable time and money for the university community. Around the country our campus customized SMArt Lockers are helping universities to get ready for the "now" normal campus environment, making it easy to manage social distancing and achieve contact free deliveries.

No touch access

TZ SMArt lockers are “self-serve” and eliminate human contact. Multiple no touch or low touch access options are available In addition to the traditional PIN code entered on the kiosk screen, staff and students can open a locker with an emailed QR code, a custom-branded mobile app, or by scanning their campus ID badge.


Think SMArt Lockers. Think TZ.